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Electric scooters have been used dangerously, parked precariously, and treated like one-time use products. They injure dozens of San Diegans every month.

I believe that the best shot this city has at combating this crisis is by working with businesses and law enforcement to rework rider instructions, research scooter breathalyzers, and look into other successful practices from around the country. Santa Monica has strong enforcement. New York has region-based legislation for greater adaptability. Chicago has strict riding and parking rules and a nightly scooter collection policy.

San Diego has nothing. We need to all come together to make sure we at least have a strong foundation. Supporting data can be found in the policy brief.


It's impossible to imagine a city without any roads. But, potholes are appearing faster than we can fix them, pavement is becoming rough, and surface road traffic is becoming heavier by the day. As they contribute so heavily to our daily lives, San Diego's roads deserve better treatment. 

You can't fix a problem without diagnosing it. By investing in vehicle-to-infrastructure technology, I will enable San Diego's civil engineers to act on real-time traffic data and craft accurate solutions to congestion. My strong background in business will improve relations with private contractors to fix potholes and pave efficiently.

Lastly, I'll cooperate with developers on their development impact fees, so both the city and developers get better deals. Then, we will no longer bear the huge burden of building public services for rapid commercial expansion. Supporting data can be found in the policy brief.


We need to do more than just build more housing. By promoting financial responsibility, reforming law enforcement, and investing in mental health programs, we can eliminate homelessness in San Diego.

My housing plan is something that hasn't been attempted before. We've tried "simply constructing more houses" before, and it hasn't worked. We need to work with contractors to create self-sustaining communities for the homeless, so that the homeless can learn to live realistically. After all, if somebody doesn't understand financial responsibility, how can we expect them to climb out of homelessness if they are simply given a home?

By investing in mental health programs and jail diversion, we can get real help to the mentally ill and the substance abusers. We can finally have a real solution to homelessness that works in the short and long terms. Supporting data can be found in the policy brief.

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